3 Aspect Gorgeousness Coaching System – As Promised

Do you know what to do when you don’t know what to do?

In August I shared the story of My Personal Pressure Cooker. I had been experiencing a prolonged period of stress and eventually got to the point where I no longer knew what to do. All of the answers that my creative mind offered up were churned from the same mind-set that was creating the problems. Result?  Everything I actioned just added to the chaos.

In May I realised that I needed to seriously change/evolve my internal programme, because if I didn’t I would just keep experiencing the same overwhelm.

And that’s when I was introduced to a coaching system that I used to navigate through “not knowing what to do”.

After I published that post, countless people emailed me to confess that they were facing similar feelings. At the time I said that I would share this roadmap and today – on October 1st – THAT is exactly what I’m going to do.

Below you can read about the foundation principles of the 3 Aspect Gorgeousness Coaching System.

Then, over the coming weeks and months between now and Christmas, I’ll expand and build on these foundations. You’ll get an abundance of smaller articles with juicy exercises, tips, missions and ways to build the 3 Aspect Coaching System into your life.

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So, are you ready?

Have you got tea? And a pad? And a pen?

If not, go and grab all three and I’ll wait right here for when you get back …

1. Step One – Introducing Your 3 Aspects

Whoever you are, wherever you are sitting, imagine that inside you, right now, are 3 Archetypes. These 3 Archetypes or Inner Aspects are like 3 women who are residing in your Self.

The first aspect is your Inner Artist.

(Before you jump in and declare yourself completely unartistic and lacking in creative talent, let me stop you. We are ALL creative people. We have been creating our lives, relationships and experiences since we were small. That aside, all of us have creative gifts. Our gifts may not come in the form of being able to draw, but in something else like baking cakes, singing songs, playing the mandolin. I 100% believe that people who believe they are uncreative live with their gifts stored up inside them, unexpressed and they just need a muse to light their fuse and dynamite open that door.)

Your Inner Artist is the aspect of you who has ideas, dreams of travelling and muses about starting your own business. She’s the sensual one who is attracted to colour and music and feels every emotion under the sun. She likes to dress your home in gorgeousness, eat divine food, experience rich relationships and come up with wonderful plans for parties. She is all about discovering ways of working with her unique, self expression and then using that gift to give back to her community.

Like an excitable child running ahead, you Inner Artist is the forward moving energy of your life.

She is the Creator.

The second aspect is your Inner Pro.

This business like, organizing part of you is confident, sassy and gets the job done. She can assemble a bed singlehandedly, map read from the Isle of Wight to Morocco, organise a conference – or equivalent family home – and loves the sense of achievement that comes with crossing off a to-do list.

The beauty of your Inner Pro is that she can take the ideas of your Inner Artist and devise the strategy to make those dreams into goals. She then has the personal management in place to action and achieve these goals. She makes the imaginary into solid reality, thoughts into things and resolutions into results.  Whilst your Inner Artist moons over your tropical holiday, your Inner Pro books it, arranges time off work, organizes the taxi and packs your bag.

She is the Doer.

She is the Mover and the Shaker.

The third aspect is your Inner Sage.

Your Inner Sage is that hard to pin down, deep part of yourself that is quiet and reflective and watching.

She is the part of you that holds the answers, the wisdom and the intuitive power of your being. She sends you the hunch, the dream, the intuition to take an action or change your course. She whispers to you to care for yourself more, to spend time in nature, to simplify and let go of unnecessary things.

To grow in her power and wisdom, your Inner Sage needs nurture and space. Whilst she can raise her voice and shout via signs, coincidence and synchronicity, in daily living she requires tranquillity of heart to be heard. Your Inner Sage is the energy that overlaps your Inner Artist and Pro. She sits between them, locking her arms with theirs and combining their opposing yet complimentary qualities. Through this syncing of Aspects, three become one and the Pathway of Purpose becomes clear.

 Your Sage is your Integrator.

When they are working in sync, your 3 Aspects are a power-house that will create a life of joy, purpose, success and abundance.

Your Artist is given the space to dream big, vision far and dance with zest and life.

Your Pro takes the ideas and visions of the Artist and weaves these into actions and results.

Your Sage balances both of these with higher spiritual energies, presence and purpose.

For some of us either the Artist or the Pro will dominate. You might recognise yourself more in the artist and think, “I create things and make things and love clothes and textiles and adventures …. but I struggle to organise myself, get things finished and lack confidence in professional things.”

Or alternatively you might lean towards the Pro, thinking, “I don’t have time to explore hobbies or markets or read books about cookery. I’m too busy working my job, organising the kids, dealing with problems and fixing them.”

For most people, we are a mixture of the 3 Aspects, dancing from one to the other and then back again.

EXERCISE: Draw a circle in your journal. Divide it into three, assigning a larger or smaller proportion to each Aspect, depending on how balanced they are within you.

2. Step Two – Explore How Your 3 Aspects Are Showing Up

Left to unconsciously run amok, the Inner Artist, Sage and Pro are not a pretty sight.

All three aspects require nurture and space to be heard, however when we’re too busy running around chasing should, musts and have-tos in our outside lives, the Inner Aspects can fly out of balance.

This usually manifests like this:

The Inner Artist and the Inner Pro start fighting for centre-stage. The Artist feverishly creates drama and stress, whipping up a negative storm. By this I mean she will orchestrate rows, induce paranoia, weave up thought patterns that disrupt your mood; she’ll help you to see the negative in yourself and others and generate difficulty all around you.

Meanwhile, your Inner Pro falls into a total power-trip. She’ll try to control her environment by becoming overbearing, bossy and dominating. She may act in passive-aggressive ways to try and manipulate and control relationships using guilt or shame. Nothing anyone else does will be good enough.

And the Inner Sage? Unable to do her beautiful job of integrating your aspects, she reduces herself down, becomes silent and waits. With the Artist out of control, all of Her ideas to help your situation are based on overwhelm. With your Inner Pro desperately trying to hold everything in place, she’ll be on the verge of a melt-down or burn out.

Internal chaos = external chaos.

A sinking ship.

EXERCISE: Draw three large circles in your journal. Label the first circle Inner Artist and then inside it quickly write down all of the ways in which your Inner Artist is showing up at this time. Repeat in the other two circles for your Inner Pro and Inner Sage.

Step Three: Bring Out The Sage

The answer to end the madness is to open the shutters and let the light of awareness in.

By becoming aware of the 3 Aspects, learning how to master them and integrating them into One, life will not only improve but it will take on a whole new quality of Gorgeousness.

So how do you do this?

The answer is to bring out your Inner Sage.

To create inner silence, find clarity and solutions we require a period of time to simply BE. By lifting up the Inner Sage and nurturing her back into health, she will be able to equalize the others, give us guidance on how to heal and move forwards and bring a sense of Zen to the inner world.

And here’s the tough bit.

Sometimes bringing out the Inner Sage means completely clearing the decks of your life.

When I did this, I had to pretty much gag my Inner Artist so she’d stop pushing forward new ideas. I then listed everything that I could delegate out on behalf of my Pro (which she HATED for imbalanced Pros struggle with receiving help and support). Then I had to commit to keeping that deck cleared and practice some HUGE self-care actions to allow the Sage to reform and re-enter my life.

For me, this drastic action was required.

For you it may not be … but if you are still reading this, I guess that it is resonating so you are in need of some deck-clearing.

EXERCISE: Sit down, pull in your Inner Pro and get her to list everything that is demanding your energy/time and/or sucking the life out of you. Next to each thing write a way that you could either delegate/get support/ make it easier. Work out an immediate action plan to free time and when that time is freed, guard it.

This is Inner Sage Time and you’ll find out what needs to happen in this magical opening in the next post.

See you then.



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