16th Oct – A Gorgeous Week In Review

mindfulness and the art of drawing – a book brought for me by my visiting sister of the soul and presented whilst eating crab tarts in cockleshell bay

first fire of the autumn, laid and lit by rowan, followed by burning corks and making hand printed picture from the soot

hitting the yoga mat

finishing reid’s affirmation poster for his nursery

working on the first section of the grow your gorgeous 2016 daybook

(for conscious women who want to make an impact on the world and make their creative dreams a reality)

my gorgeous, beautiful boys on our walk up to the top of mottistone down, past the cows and through the cow pats

october beach play! spot the baby reid in his green all-in-one

our awesome summer house looking magical

(photographed by aky the talented creator of the summer house)

A flying Friday night visit from my wildly brilliant friend, Emma.

Sitting under stars, watching Rowan wedge a cork on the end of a stick and burn it whilst marching around the garden being an orc.

Our first autumn fire.

A meeting of minds with Laura Husson of Look Good Online.

Deadline complete. POW!

Mottistone Down walk with my little tribe of beloveds.

A gorgeous, light, spacious place to work and develop the Grow Your Gorgeous 2016 daybook.

Chilly, inspiring, sunshine stomp (and coffee) with my artist and sage friend, Liz.

Hanging out with my mum at my childhood home (still her home) in rural Wight.

7pm bedtime due to utter shatteredness.

My fat creative gift.

Ideas – and the wisdom to know when you should play with them.

Love. And being loved.



Harvest of work.

Effort paid off.

Bridges built.

Projects unfolding.

Abundance flowing.

Good food eaten.

Skype calls happening.

Infux of simplicity.

Breathing out time.

Gentle dynamic in our family dance.

What are your blessings? What’s on your wish list?


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